Conflict resolution with possibility to remove user from group

Yes, I totally support this idea! And I think it will be very useful for our group too!

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Hey, nice that the feature helped you to solve some problems!

Re @Teddy @bruno: I think it would be great to have the “issue” feature in a general way, not just for conflict resolution. Actually it’s already half-implemented since the beginning, it just would need some more weeks of work. I would definitely support people working on that!

Re @karolina @nicksellen: we could make email notifications about conflict resolution opt-out instead of opt-in, they don’t seem to happen that often. What do you think about it?

Yes, that would be great!

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I think this would feel more fair and equal. And the inactive members are inactive anyway.

To me, this makes sense too. Especially as you have to apply to join groups anyway, so you are already trusted to some extent.

I wonder if there are any counter points we should consider? Do you think that would work in the case of Östersund @Teddy? and Gothenburg @bruno?

I agree, it is a good idea to involve all active members. This way people also get involved in the group dynamics and see what is going on.

In Östersund I guess that some people don’t really understand the trust karrots and don’t know about the conflict feature. Thus they might be irritated if others talk about ongoing conflicts. But this is only a guess.

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I can’t remember if I replied this in another context, but anyhow… I don’t think it would be a problem, but that’s also me guessing. :slight_smile: I think it’s worth trying it out.

Anyway it’s something that is now up on the list so we can expect this to be changed not very far in the future: