Custom place types

I’ve been working on custom place types over at Add place types by nicksellen · Pull Request #1122 · yunity/karrot-backend · GitHub - I left it a while, but now on revisiting it, I’m thinking I can simplify what I did already, but maybe needs a bit of thought again about what custom place types are actually for.

My open question is actually about place statuses more than types. Currently places can have one of these statuses:

  • just created
  • negotiating
  • co-operating (active)
  • don’t want to co-operate (declined)
  • archived

And of those, only co-operating (active) can have activities. This is designed for the model of organising co-operations with stores. But this is too narrow now for all the use-cases of places.

Firstly, the custom place types could be things like:

  • supermarket
  • distribution centre
  • bakery
  • meeting place
  • public fridge

(each could have a icon, so you can see them on the map, and also filter them by type).

But then the question comes back to the statuses, many of those don’t really make sense for all of those place types (you don’t “co-operate” with a public fridge), but I’m getting a bit stuck thinking what to do without making it too complicated.

A few options:

  • leave the statuses as they are, at least for now, just add the place types on top of it
  • allow to add custom statuses, that can be used for any place type + enable activities for all non-archived statuses
  • … something else?

And another part of this is whether to create a bunch of default place types, like the ones above… or leave the groups to create whatever makes sense to them.


I think, as in Warsaw it is lot of such points, it is good to add Restaurants(around 1/3 points in Warsaw are restaurants), and bazaars(also lots of points in Warsaw).
Better to keep list closed, will be easier to maintain(for now).

As activities in points IMHO live it as they are for now :slight_smile:


For activity types, we did a little poll on here to see which types would be useful across the groups, maybe we can do the same here for place types.

I think Bazaar might be more understood as Marketplace in English?

Anybody have others not mentioned to add into the list for voting?

I didn’t understand what you meant there? Was it about the idea to be able to configure activities for all the different statuses? (just created, negotiating, etc…) - you can actually write in Polish if you want too, and the little globe icon [1] in each post will translate it :slight_smile: Either is fine though.

[1] this is the globe icon → gloeicon

I mean in my oponion there is no need for change them, but question were added on our local grupe if there is need for more types :slight_smile:

We will see :slight_smile:

I’d go with this one!

I’m just imagining what (especially new) group would do, and I don’t think there would be much thought put into creating the place types at first. Rather, it would feel more natural to create the types as they create new places are created.