Foodsaving Website in Sweden


Things are happening at a much faster pace here in Gothenburg, with more cooperating stores to come and people writing to us interested in starting a foodsaving community or a share point in their own city. Usually I have to look up stuff that I wrote or documented in different places, so I wanted to start a Swedish version of, not only with the basic information translated to Swedish but also with more specific and contextual info. That would make it easier to promote the concept of food saving and sharing.

My idea is to clone the layout of to a Swedish domain, reference it as the Swedish branch of Foodsaving Worldwide, and start including the more specific information relevant to the Swedish context.

I have some stuff written already but I’d really appreciate to collaborate with people from other cities and work together on some general advices and information. Would you @Teddy or anyone else in Östersund be interested? What about Lund, @alby? I’m also inviting people from Borås, not sure if they’re here…

Also a question for the owners of Could we just copy your website, to have a template to start with? (And I really like the fonts and icons) :wink:


That’s a great idea!
We have also had several requests from people who want to start FS elsewhere in sweden and i really think it would be good to have a collection of swedish information.
Do you have contact with people from Boras?

The only thing i’m wondering is, if we can’t just have swedish articles here under the category “svenska”?
On the one hand it’s nice to have something fully in swedish, otherwise i also like theworldwide connection that happens here, and if we have yet another forum, it might be lost a little?

Well anyway I’d be on board and I guess some others from Östersund as well.


Nice to hear! Let’s take advantage of the momentum!

My proposal is only to organize the information on a nice looking website, similar to, and definitely we should use this existing forum to be linked there.

I’ve invited to this thread two of the active people I know from Borås.

There’s already some nice material here, I’ll be adding some stuff to and if you have more material, put it up here.


That sounds great! :smiley:
Let me answer some of your questions:

  • the code of the original website is here, please feel free to use it as base
  • the font we use for headers is Cabin Sketch
  • the pictures are mostly from foodsharing Germany and Switzerland and are credited on the about page. You could use them in the same way, if you want.

I think it’s a good idea to have something like a shiny Swedish welcome page for foodsaving topics. Just like, it could then link to all other relevant places like this forum, Karrot and pages with specific Swedish significance.
Looking forward to seeing it online! :blush:

Are you planning to put it on, @bruno?


Thanks for sharing, Janina!

I’m thinking we could have similar topics as the world page, such as:

  • Getting started, with all the practical info one needs and access to different materials they can use, including
    • legal circumstances
    • cooperations - contacting stores
    • building community
    • raising awareness
    • organization with Karrot
    • materials and templates to be used
  • Link to the forum
  • An updated map with all the foodsaving initiatives in Sweden and contact info
  • Maybe a team/about page as well

I acquired the Swedish equivalent, which would be


moved recently to Stockholm for an indefinte span of time. Before was an active foodsaver in Germany. Plan to connect with likewise
and start with few cooperations. Does anyone has any contact in Stockholm?