Monthly money call

Participants: Nick, Tilmann, Janina
Faciliator: Nick
Date: 30th November 2019

We had the first of our new monthly money calls!

The idea is to distribute money from the “karrot account” which has been sat there for a while due to lack of a concept of how to share it.

We had a long-ish free-ranging discussion across a few main areas:

  1. high level meta concepts about money, value exchange logic, economics, etc
  2. our personal lives and finances
  3. practical ideas to put into practise right now!

The process was initiated by me because I am trying to create a life structure in which I can work on the projects I really want to, and cover the costs of my life. I am also very interested at the moment in these wider abstract questions, things like:

  • moving away from wage labour
  • money to support what it takes to be able to work on the project
  • money to use to get things which cannot be got for free

We thought about whether it should be just to cover costs of life, or also pay for things like travel costs for other people to come and join hackweeks, or to enable people to participate where money would be a problem otherwise. We are all very middle class and have had relatively comfortable/supported financial lives. We have all had savings, but generally they are going down now - so in some way our current lives are not sustainable.

I am interested in a way of society and work that is sustainable in some way, accepting that this might mean significant changes to keep costs low.

We wondered what it takes for people to join the money calls, and thought it should be fairly loose, but that participation in the weekly calls would be useful. It will probably primarily work because of the trust relationship between us, so should build that up with any people joining.

It’s also nice to be able to support projects like kanthaus that help the project a lot.

We agreed to transfer 70EUR to each of us this month, and reflect on how it felt in the next call. We don’t want to feel like we are working for the money, or to start spending more as a result of receiving some money.

We also agreed to write the minutes publicly for transparency about what we are doing and thinking!

Future monthly calls would be a lot shorter, skipping all the meta topics…

I didn’t take notes during the meeting to keep it free flowing, so these are maybe biased towards my personal thoughts, feel free to add any points I missed @tiltec / @djahnie.

Next call: 27th December 2019
Next faciliator: Janina


“EfA – Essen fuer Alle” works entirely on a voluntary basis.

Even so, EfA could not work so efficiently, collecting food and distributing it to people who need it, without your work on karrots.

EfA would agree and would be glad, if we can support your work on karrots e.g. by a monthly contribution.

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