Moving forum and chat to subdomains?

Conceptually, we have the “foodsaving worldwide” project, and inside that is the karrot project.

But over time the karrot project has become the main focus, and the “foodsaving worldwide” is kind of part of karrot… they kind of reversed their relationship!

This is especially notable with the generalization of karrot for other types of groups, it would no longer make much sense to visit for them.

So, here I make a proposal:

To centre Karrot as the main project, rather than foodsaving worldwide

Practically speaking this would mean:

  • move (and change the logo to the karrot one)
  • move (this already uses the karrot logo)
  • rejig the categories in the forum so what are now subcategories of the Karrot category become top-level categories, and maybe some new categories are created
  • nothing would change for or

So, let’s vote!

Do you agree with the proposal above?

  • yes, sounds good, let’s change it!
  • no, I think it’s nice how it is now
  • neither, I would like to keep discussing and maybe explore more options

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Note: voting is public (i.e. not anonymous)

(We don’t have a formal mechanism to decide who is eligible to vote, or whether a vote is binding, but until we do, just consider that if you can see this poll, and you can vote, then please do!)

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