Pictures in Feedback after Pick up

Hi, I will be back with detailed analysis later(if there will be need of it) but I have question first.
How much influence to performance of karrot will have posibility to add pictures to Feedbacks after pick up?

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I think it’s a good idea, not so much an issue of performance, but of doing the work to programme the feature.

I created an issue over here, so somebody could work on it at some point → Add images to feedback · Issue #2357 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub

Thanks, so of needed analysis to it :slight_smile:
Functionality only to be add if will not influence much performance of system.
Functionality only to be add if will not influence server capacity and costs.
User should have possibility to add photos to feedbacks form pick-ups.
User should have possibility to add up to 3 photos.
Pictures in feedback should not be mandatory.
Pictures should be added form user local drive.
Current flow of adding photos, for example in conversations, should be used.
Photos not need to be save in original resolution and format, can be convert to lower one if it will be better for performance and maintain of server.
For better maintain of server photos can be delete form server automatically after one month.