Remove or move internal group description, aka "group description, visible for members"?



Hello Karrot users!

I noticed that the group description that’s only visible for members might not be used very much, so I wondered if we can remove it and have more space in the sidebar.

So I would like to know:

  • if you use it
  • how often you update it
  • if you think it’s the perfect place or if there could be a better one

Maybe we can improve something there :wink:

With love,


We have our rules there. We don’t update it too often, but it would be good to have some place for rules, links, etc. We still have a lot on FB, but with the store walls we are slowly thinking about moving from FB to Karrot only!


It’s not used frequently but it’s needed. I think having it in the sidebar under “Home” section is the best place for it. I’m not sure where else it could be to easily find it if needed.