Roadmap meeting

We had our first roadmap meeting with our new structure! It’ll happen every 3 months.

Later today will be updated to contain a high level summary and also links to related GitHub issues.

date: 2020-05-24 11:45 UTC+2 / CEST
faciliator: nick
participants: nick, bruno, tilmann, janina, taïs, felix (silent)


review of previous period

as we haven’t done these before, it might be a bit vague, as we don’t have anything specific to reflect on.

but, we can do a little general structure retrospective structure:

  • what went well?
    • most previous roadmap points were fulfilled!
    • calls kept regular, success!
    • nice team feeling regenerated (sandro, active nick)
    • getting the new landing page done in a collaborative way
    • moving to new cool tools (rocket chat)
    • still alive and happy
  • what went not so well?
    • didn’t happen, all felt vague and loose
    • progressively lost focus on the calls (Janina)
    • low forum activity
    • relatively low development activity compared to the last years
    • DLC did not adopt karrot after test phase
  • open questions on your mind?
    • “save things from being wasted, share them instead” --> does that fit to diversification goals for groups?
    • how do we get more groups to join?
    • how to find the right balance and work flow again? (janina)
    • how to get quality feedback from the groups? join their groups or somehow encourage them to join our channels?

personal roadmaps

  • what is the general shape/rhythm of your life in the next 3 months? (June-August)
    • Bruno: I might have more time if we’re able to organise well at home, since Madde will stop working
    • Tilmann: roof work, Mika care, visits to other places; happy to spend some time on the computer
    • Janina: Mika, roof, foodsharing, Karrot; hard to get started with short periods of focus time
    • Tais: Thesis, thesis, thesis! Participation in Karrot will go down as the final deadline approaches.
    • Nick: Maybe moving house soon, maybe coming to Kanthaus for a while? Other than that all seems well.
  • what is your karrot/fsww focus likely to be in those 3 months?
    0 - none at all, count me out for this one, maybe next time!
    1 - I can’t really dedicate much time, I might swing by the chat/forum here and there (Taïs: 1.7)
    2 - I have many other projects to work on, but I want to keep active somehow (Janina)
    3 - I can likely make some contributions (Tilmann)
    4 - it is one of only a few main projects for me (Bruno, Nick)
    5 - it is my main project right now
  • what are your interests/priorities in that time? some thought hints:
    • any more specific focus areas? (e.g. improving offers, refactoring vuex stores, getting feedback from groups)
      • Tilmann: I want to mostly work on smallish things that I can maybe read up in one evening and then finish it quickly - so that I can drop in and out on a weekly basis. I’d like to improve existing features. I don’t have anything concrete in my mind but I know there are some issues I can get started on. I’m also always keen on resolving bugs I find. With upgrading dependencies it is an ongoing work anyways. There’s also this old pull request about filtering the history that I have already spent some time on; I hope that I can finish this in the next weeks. I also want to focus more on the app, because it’s not so slick and useful as it is right now. Would be cool to improve it and then also advertise it more.
    • balance of dreaming / conceptualizing / doing?
      • Tilmann: mostly doing, a bit of conceptualisation
    • are you looking for stuff to do or focused on getting stuff done?
      • Janina: getting stuff done!
    • which bigger visions of karrot are most motivating to you at the moment?
      • Bruno: continue learning and working on simple tasks on the frontend that are feasible for me. I’m motivated to work more generally on one or both of the 2 topics/features that I wrote about on the chat: governance and public places. I see both as part of a bigger vision in making Karrot especially useful for the internal work of groups to self-organize in an open and democratic way and the external part of connecting them to facilitate movement-building. Inwards and outwards. Improving offers is also something that sooner or later I’d like to do. I’m flexible to focus on whatever depending on other people’s motivation and time, which is the whole point of this call for me.
      • Tilmann: Bigger vision points that still motivate me are generalization (even though it’s a bit too big for me to do it part-time) and the point that using Karrot should be enjoyable for people.
      • Janina: refactoring my processes, especially to spread the concept of saving food via cooperations, how to build a network; start/revive working groups related to foodsaving worldwide, especially the English translation department; make foodsharing users aware that foodsaving worldwide exists and that they can contribute to it if they are travelling (better communication for task delegation); make a better structure for myself
      • Nick: I started a bit with this vision of customization again so that users can make Karrot their own. It’s more dreaming than anything right now, but it motivates me. There’s little bits of doing in there as well. User input on design processes is another thing that motivates me a lot these days. I want to come up with a much clearer idea on how we develop features and get an online process going. I see a structure emerging that could work. I also want to help others, in particular Valentin, Bruno and Tais. The general purpose governance has probably quite some thinking to do; add more sanctions to conflict resolution processes is more doing. Generalization consists of a lot of sub topics and I’d like to get a better overview on the whole thing. There’s work to do on both the conceptual and the doing level.
      • Tais: I want to focus on the screencast tutorials cause I won’t have much more time anyways.
  • what might you be able to offer others to help them?
    • Bruno: Collect feedback, improve usability, conceptualizing and communication in general. More especifically: work with Taïs on tutorial videos, work with Nick on (re-)thinking the generalization/customization topic. Help Janina with the Swedish networking. Feedback for Tilmann, testing…
    • Tilmann: I can help implementing some stuff if it’s clearly specified. I can give advice and explain e.g. Karrot architecture to Bruno and maybe even Nick. I can try to help Janina structure her work time.
    • Janina: give feedback on texts about conceptualisations and dreaming visions; also participate in the vision/dreaming!
    • Nick: share meta-organisation experience with Janina to try to help with work/life structure issues; help Bruno with code learning; participate in broad vision discussions; clarify issues to help Tilmann jump straight into implementation
    • Tais: I can help motivate Tilmann! :smiley: Participation in some discussions will be something I can do. Please don’t feel that you can’t ask me anything because I’ll be busy! (except big vision stuff)
  • what might you like from others to help you achieve this?
    • Bruno: Discussing the ideas and writing the code (learning process, technical expertise) I guess.
    • Tilmann: It’s definitely helpful for me to see any kind of activity on Karrot, it boosts my motivation. I’d like to see someone push the topic of documentation (be it for users or devs) cause then I’d probably join in as well.
    • Janina: help to find tasks to delegate to
    • Nick: get feedback on blurbs (about big topics like generalisation);
    • Tais: would be cool if the momentum around the screencasts could be kept up.
  • do you want to participate in the karrot money circle for this period?
    • Bruno: maybe, mostly out of curiosity if I do. I do not intend to take any payment.
    • Tilmann: yes, I think I would.
    • Janina: yes, mainly because it still feels weird…^^
    • Nick: yes, I’m running out of money (laughs)
    • Tais: I don’t think I would, unless I don’t have anything to do when the call is on.
      outcome: nicely formatted text everybodies personal roadmaps to go on the forum thread

consensus / summary of what we’re doing

See how our different ideas/visions fit together, and try and get some consensus/focus areas we work on together.

  • screencast (user documentation introduction) (Tais, Bruno)
  • conceptualisation of generalisation & customisation: big conceptual talks & practical steps (Nick, Bruno)
  • group governance:
    • thinking about more conflict resolution sanctions and implementing them (Bruno, Nick)
    • conceptualize issues as means for general decision making (Bruno, Nick)
  • participatory feature design: come up with a process (Nick)
  • code maintenance (Tilmann)
  • reconnect communications with (Janina)
  • add history list filters (Tilmann)