Stage 2 - Sketching Solutions

This is the second stage of this process to design governance features to Karrot. Now we try to sketch some ideas, based on the insights gained from the previous stage. Next up is prototyping and testing, but until we get there we have probably a few meetings left to have the final sketch (although I suspect we will need less meetings than on the first stage).

So far we’ve had two and a half meetings (one short after Karrot’s weekly meeting) since we started discussing and brainstorming solutions (see meeting notes). In the second one we actually started sketching some ideas previously brought up in the one before.

We’re also trying to bring in more participants now that we have a concrete question to work on. See call for participation

Summary 2nd Meeting

We started by discussing 2 ideas:

  • How to make explicit the group’s vision and values and connect them with “rule-making”, or arriving at collective agreements.
  • How to make a rule library of things that worked well in other groups, promoting exchange of ideas and experiences, and how to add, review, change, remove and discuss these rules.

Then we had 15-20 minutes to work on our own sketches (will upload them later). After that we presented our respective sketches and commented on each other’s sketch.

Finally, we checked again the long-term goal and process questions and concluded that we did not diverge and are still pretty much aligned with them.

Next Meeting


We will choose which are the most interesting aspect(s)/feature in each sketch we would like to focus on. Then another round of sketching…

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Here are the sketches from our last session (see Governance Meeting Notes for the meeting notes).