Test Karrot for Bike Kitchen?


Bike Kitchens are open DIY workshops to fix your bike (to learn how to fix your bike above all with the help of volunteers and peers). Tools are free to be borrowed and there are many spare parts to be used.

There’s also some food bike saving at the Bike Kitchens. Usually there’s a lot of abandoned bikes at basements and parked around buildings, so when the city or a housing company cleans up the place from abandoned bikes, they can donate them to a Bike Kitchen. If you need a bike all you have to do then is to come to a Bike Kitchen, pay a very cheap year-membership, and get any of these bikes by fixing it yourself. Some require more work and changing for other spare parts, and some might just need a new tire.

Bike Kitchens are mostly run by volunteers and are a non-commercial space.


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: that sounds amazing! …and i tought it was about cooking on a bike :smiley: Now I get, why you discussed if karrot is working for it :wink: way to go!