Discourse upgrade and plugins

Just starting the upgrade process, so it’ll go offline for a bit, and hopefully back up soon with new shiny features!

Upgrade is complete :slight_smile:

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I just upgraded again, and also added three new plugins :rocket::

  • assign - so we can assign incoming emails to people to handle
  • topic voting - maybe it’s something we can use for upvoting which feature/topic to focus on in karrot (it’s to upvote a whole topic/thread within a category, as opposed to a poll, which is voting within a single message)
  • checklist - I like this in GitHub, could be useful here! Example below…

Example checklist:

  • a nice
  • checklist
  • to keep everything
  • in order :slight_smile:
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I did another upgrade, primarily to add the calendar plugin, which you can see in use at Karrot event calendar (and Testing the calendar plugin),

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