How do you handle late drop-outs from pickups?


You might be familiar with this: somebody signs up for doing a pickup and then leaves the evening before or even on the same day. It involves some work to find a replacement… contacting lots of people, maybe even calling them… and sometimes you don’t notice it at all and the pickup falls flat.

  • How do you handle these problems in your group?
  • How often does it happen?
  • Do you have rules in place to prevent this?
  • How could Karrot help you with this?

I heard about it from the Östersund group, would be great to get more insight from @Teddy! :smiley: How is it in Warsaw @karolina? How about Gothenburg @bruno?

Collecting (and voting) on feature requests for Karrot, Spring 2019

In our group it is not much of a problem because we have many members on few cooperations and so always someone to replace a drop out.

We kinda have the rule in Östersund, that you shouldn’t drop out later than one day ahead.
If they drop out later, they are supposed to post it either on the forum or in our emergency group on Telegram. Naturally some people are also using the Facebook group for this.

There is the function, that karrot sends out a mail if there is still a spot free 24h ahead of the pick up. Does this also get send if somebody drops out, say 20h ahead? This would be useful. Then everybody sees it.


To be honest I haven’t noticed this behaviour so much in our group. I’ve seen some cases on pickups that have many slots, so usually a pickup does not go missed. When thinks like this happen is usually connected to a person’s general lack of commitment or capability to be organized and communicate with others, meaning that the person will also do other things like arrive late or maybe not show up at all.

We’ve discussed all of these problems a lot and often times it gets better when the community talks to the person and demands more commitment, but usually complaints of this kind needs to go through the core team or “organizers”, who are seen as some kind of authority on dictating the rules, which is obviously far from the ideal on how a self-organized community should work. Especially when we are not doing the pickups in question so often and only hear anecdotes like “person X is often late” or “person Y did not show up”.

I believe there’s not much to do on this through Karrot, it is rather a long and patient, often tiresome, work of community organizing. However, being able to check the history of a store or a pickup is a good way of establishing patterns beyond anecdotal evidence, for example to see if a person is often signing up and dropping out. Then we know we should have a talk to the person.

I also encourage people to write the feedback if someone’s late or did not show up, but that has never been obligatory and people do not do it so much because they are afraid to point fingers, I guess. Maybe the feedback feature could be improved, if people could confirm that others who signed up actually showed up, and on time, and this is displayed in a less personal way. Also being able to have some numbers on people’s profile (how many pickups, how many last minute dropouts, how many stores pickup was done, etc) could be a way to establish more clearly the person’s reputation or performance? On the other hand we might want to avoid these quantifications? I don’t know, just thinking out loud…

Sorry for the long answer, I digressed on a very complex topic! :sweat_smile:


In our case this has been used quite often actually, which i like on the one hand (you can just count in the feedback function how often somebody has not showed up), on the other hand it is the problem which you described above: they just trust that somebody who is “in charge” will take care of the problem. This also requires the more committed members to go through and check regularly.


For us in Warsaw it’s similar as in Teddy’s case. This happens sometimes, but the person should say it aloud on FB and/or Karrot and search for a replacement. If they don’t - everyone gets very angry and next time they know they should let everyone know ;-).

I think that most people in Warsaw disabled the emails saying what free slots are there tomorrow as this was too much spam for us. We have 30 stores and any day there are always 2-3-4 that have free slots.

We actually organize one person every week who takes care or filling these slots! So we do manually what could maybe to some extent be done automatically. But because there is no option to “follow” only some shops (yet), that’s hard to do. We were also thinking about shifting the responsibility to the shop coordinators, but this would be a bit unfair as the coordinators of “unpopular” shops would have a hard time and of the “easy” shops wouldn’t need to do anything. So actually our everyday FB (and Karrot) reminders are kind of fair.


This a feature that might come up anytime soon, but still needs more refining on how notifications would work. Would it be useful for some users there to follow/subscribe to a store and only get e-mail notifications and/or notifications on Karrot about that store?


Yes, definitely! The point is that Warsaw is a big city and we have over 30 stores. I don’t even want to know that someone is looking to fill a slot far away from where I live and work. I just want to choose my district(s).


Just out of curiosity… How do you use the wall and what kind of messages are sent, since they reach all members of the group? Is it more general stuff or is there a lot of district-specific chat? In case of the latter, would a store-chat or wall make more sense and facilitate things?


Yes, it would. It’s mostly about a specific shop only. I think 90% is shop-specific. So also the wall gets messy and full of unimportant stuff that is important just for a few hours or days maybe.