Karrot release updates

This is a new thread (as discussed) to communicate when we do new releases of karrot to karrot.world (aka production).


I just deployed a minor change, that fixes the translations strings for the general purpose theme, e.g. the bike kitchen projects. So “Activities” should show up again in the left menu (and other places) instead of “Pickups”.

A new version is released! 8.7.1

The most significant change is that you can now attach images to messages (works for any kind of message, walls, private chats, activity chats, etc…)!

Also, there is a new group switcher for desktop (click the group picture in the top left of karrot), useful if you are a member of multiple groups.


  • Allow images to be attached to messages [#2128] #1028 @nicksellen
  • Display number of total group members on top of member list [#2149] @djahnie


  • Improve activity history display to show activity information more clearly [#2151] from suggestion @nicksellen
  • Only show pull-to-refresh in app @tiltec
  • Sort feedback by activity date instead of feedback date [#2157] [#2161] #1044 @nicksellen

I also did a minor release (8.7.2), which adds better support for Luxembourgish :slight_smile: (thanks to @danveg)

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