More statistics display

There are a few requests now for more comprehensive statistics display:

  1. Statistics per Person
  2. Statistics about the amount of saved food (long thread, one outcome was an export API for feedback implemented already)
  3. this idea from @mzpawlowski which is about history statistics

I’m thinking it could be nice to have a seperate section in sidenav menu for Statistics that would be hidden behind the “Show more” section, and in there we could have different types of statistics reports available (some for feedback, some for history, and the possibility for others too), each of them might also have various filters, plus the ability to export the data to CSV.

I think it might make sense to start with the suggestion from 3, as it’s quite specific already, but just keeping in mind that there would be some very different types of data required for other reports.

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I have left a supporting comment on the 1st thread, and I like the idea of having the total amount of pickups and of food saved available somewhere as I imagine that this motivates the group.

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We discussed this a bit today in our karrot co-working session, and a few thoughts came up:

  • we generally try and avoid too much visible status for people (which making “amount of food saved” on the profile could be)
  • … but presenting it more as statistics/data/overview could work nicely, especially as this information is already available, just not presented concisely

So, I was thinking to extend the concept from @mzpawlowski by adding a “food saved” column to the table (see How do you handle late drop-outs from pickups?), whaddya think?

(fyi work in progress is at

I agree that this kind of information should foster neither competition nor pressure. We should also keep in mind that the amounts of food saved often depend on own guesses, so I now think it is better to look at it in a more aggregated form only.

I made some progress!

A few points:

  • as it is here, you can filter by single user, but maybe it’s not too pressuring/competitive if it’s just on this stats page? alternatively I could remove the single user filter option…
  • I would limit the time period, so you can’t search back forever, but something reasonable, maybe up to 6 months?
  • the time period might be useful to have in calendar months (e.g. “August”), rather than always backwards from NOW?
  • I had an idea that it’s a bit mean to point out that people left an activity (late or otherwise) if it actually gets done … (at least 1 person), so right now you only get a number in the left and left late columns if the activity ends up getting missed… (if this seems reasonable then I should probably including something on the page to make that clear)
  • I originally had “activity joined” column too, but I figured that’s not very interesting (as they might later leave, and could leave/join/leave/join, etc… and that number would keep going higher), I figured it’s more interesting just to see when they are done
  • in general, I figured it only makes sense to show information for activities after they are over (so nothing would every show for upcoming or in progress activities)
  • an “export to CSV” button seems useful, although there is not so much data there…

Sorry, that’s a lot of points, any thoughts on any of them would be welcome! I’ll probably leave it for a couple of days now…

I’d round the kg number at least to full integers, maybe even more coarse. Otherwise it looks too precise :wink: