New Group Application feature coming up!



Dear Karrot users,

I am a newbie developer that together with Janina has taken on the unofficial Summer of Karrot, which is a DIY version of the Rails Girls Summer of Code (which we applied for, but we didn’t get selected). We’re staying in Kanthaus and getting Nick, Tilmann & Chandi to coach us through this new strange and exciting coding world. And we’re working especially on one feature that we would hereby like to introduce!

This feature has been requested among the foodsaving groups and it’s all about becoming selective.
Up until now, the joining process was either:

  • completely open, to anyone pushing the ‘join’ button:
  • kind of completely open, to those knowing the one password to join:

Now is time for a big change.
Your new members will have to apply, by answering whatever questions you wish to ask them, like here:

It will be your job as a team to deal with their application, by

  • writing words to them in the special applicant’s chat
  • accepting or declining each application, that will be displayed as a fancy new list
  • making them feel welcome!

This is basically the best we could think of, with our developing abilities, to give each one of you beautiful communities a big scary porter to only let the cool kids in. We’d be happy to receive any input, feedback, advice, requests. Just be kind, as you remember that we’re a team of unpaid, happy volunteers <3


Hej, nice feature,

where will I be able to write the question to newbies and where will the option the accept them appear? (i’m wondering because it is important to see if there is a new request, but also it should not become too crowded on the wall as a first page…)
Will there maybe be a mail to everybody with each new request (might be annoying, but also good to keep track)


The questions can be set in the group edit page.
When someone applied to your group there will indeed be a mail and on top of that another banner on the wall. I know that’s not ideal and we want to remove all the wall banners at some point but for now it seemed like the right way, because the banner only appears if there really is an application pending. If you click that banner you’ll reach a new page called application list, where you’ll find the buttons to accept and decline the applicant.