Sharing feature

One idea for a feature that’s been going around for a while is to enable a person-to-person sharing, aka food baskets in This is also an idea worth pursuing to make Karrot into a more general sharing platform.

I made up the following mock-up of how it would look like, with comments below.

Shared items or food will be accessible on the sidenav (as you notice from the mock-up, I already excluded from the home-menu some of the less used features). The shared items will be visible with the picture, avatar of person sharing it and title. The button for sharing something (adding an item) should be prominent. Location on the map is on the left (already zoomed in to the selected item on the right). On the right-side column you have the item chat where other users can show their interest in getting the item.


  • expiration date for the item?
  • how notifications will work
  • possibility to de-activate offering and chat after choosing the person who will get it
  • some rating or feedback system?


My suggestion to start with the feature to work within a group, that is, whatever a person shares is visible for group members only. Later it would be interesting to make it possible to share an item publicly, that is, visible to any user of the platform, and to share items between groups, that is, a user can choose to which group(s) the item will be visible. There’s a whole bunch of reasons to set it up like this, but I’ll expose them in another occasion.


One detail. Well, i do use history, where will that be then.

I really like how you used the existing columns design for your mockup, @bruno! Having the chat and more detailed explanation in the detail sidebar makes perfect sense to me.

To your questions:
An expiration date of some kind would be really cool, but I don’t know exactly how it should look like. From the experience in I know that people normally don’t delete their offers even after they’re not longer valid. But I also know that sometimes you have something left longer than you initially planned… That makes it hard to estimate the time your offer should be online.
Maybe the person offering can set an expiration date when creating the offer, but when it expires it’s not automatically deleted but just inactive and if necessary it can be reactivated…?

Notifications are always tricky, but here it seems quite straight-forward… I’d enable notifications for new item listings by default and then could give the users a checkbox in their settings to generally disable them. Then we’d have the normal button in the detail sidebar for every individual case. And of course, when you write into the chat of an item you’re automatically subscribed to that conversation. The person offering is part of that conversation from the start and thus gets notified as soon as someone else writes something.

Deactivating is a necessity for sure. We’d need a new page like ‘your offers’ where all your offers are listed - be them active or inactive - and where you can edit, (de)activate and/or delete them.

A rating system sounds like extra sugar and I wouldn’t add it to the first implementation.

Same goes for public sharing and sharing between groups - that’s probably much more complex as everything in Karrot is designed to work on group level… But I like the ideas and agree that it would definitely be cool to have those features!

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@Disa: I guess the history button in the sidenav would go to the three-dots-menu next to the cog in the row called ‘Home’. :slight_smile:

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Good points! I generally agree!

Yeah, probably the best is to have only the active/inactive status on offerings, to begin with at least.

About the notifications on by default it seems reasonable when groups are still slowly adopting the feature and there’s not much activity going on. Thereafter it begins to be problematic. The way I see to solve this issue is the bootstrap mode (for all kinds of notifications) that would be turned off after x number of users or activity in the group, but that’s another feature :wink:

More on the practical side I can see how to easily put it into action here in Gothenburg, perhaps not even in the Solikyl group (although it would be great if people spontaneously started using it) but by starting another group with people involved in different saving initiatives, including Free Shops.