Statistics about the amount of saved food



@tiltec is working on implementing statistics for the amounts of food saved. So far it is only per store but group-wide statistics will follow as soon as we clarify how the statistics should work internally.

The statistics are dependent on the feedback given, of course, but we’re thinking of making them a little smarter. We could, for example, add in a way for the software to estimate the amount of pickups where no feedback was given, based on the average of the pickups before and after. What do you think?

Another thing is the potential confusion about the amount that should be entered: Is it the weight of everything the store gave out or only the weight of the stuff I personally took with me? And if it is the weight of the full pickup (as we actually intended it to be), what happens then if two collectors give feedback? Shall we calculate that out? What if those feedbacks given are really different, which one to take into account then?

Lots of questions, as you can see, and you’re invited to raise more if you see some… Would you be so kind to share your perspective? :slight_smile:


This sounds like a good idea. I feel that a very little amound of people wants to insert what they picked up, also because it’s not entirely easy to guess. This function should then maybe be connected to the day of the pick up, because mondays for example tend to give a greater amound of food to save.

This could simply be defined as a headline, I’d say the total amound of edible food would be interesting. If two people give feedback, this could just e averaged.

At the moment the feeback function doesn’t seem to be very interesting, at least at FS Östersund the members hardly give feedback. I can understand this, because we only have two stores and the amount stays morfe or less the same.


Currently, we only calculate the sum of feedback weight. If two people gave weight for the same pickup, it is being averaged. The idea from @Teddy to calculate average weight per weekday sounds interesting, I’ll look into it when we have a bit more feedback gathered on

I’d love to make good estimates about the amount of food picked up, but I fear that it’s quite hard. There’s so many things that karrot usually doesn’t know about, for example holiday seasons, big events or the employees having a bad day…


I think the feedback function is a very important feature, as it is essential to account the amount of food that was saved.It is already very nice to have the number of pickups, number of feedbacks and amount of saved food. With this data it is also possible to calculate some stats (e.g. monthly) manually …

What is a problem here in Taiwan is that many people seem to have problems to estimate the amount of food they have picked up. Like sometimes I see pictures with huge amounts of food and when I check the feedback it says 500 g… and people have gotten back to me and asked for help. Some people even asked me to provide scales at the stores, but I think we will try to maybe share some example photos to give them ideas of the weight.