What do you think about a text field for the applications page?

Our group in Gothenburg is getting quite big and we created a particular working-group to deal with the new applications and giving proper introductions to new applicants before we let them in our group.

One thing that came to my mind is that whenever a Karrot group has a more specific onboarding process for new applicants, it would probably be interesting to have this information on the applications page, a bit like when you have a place description, you could have an description on the applications page visible to all in the group and editable of course.

Would that be useful for your respective groups? Or maybe it wouldn’t make much of a difference? Also, let me know if my explanation is unclear.

It would be great to have such an option - that an applicant could see only something but not everything. We are doing the recruitment and 3 test pickups wit another person - all outside of Karrot and we let people in only after they went through all the process done and coordinated manually.